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AI, challenge or threat?

Generative AI. A phrase that understandably strikes fear into many of us, and perhaps particularly those working in the fields of writing, editing or translation, as I do. We’ve all come across chatbots or made use of tools such as Google Translate and Siri, perhaps hardly acknowledging that these are examples of AI. But I …

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New year, renewed goals

After a well-deserved break, I’m back at my desk and it’s all systems go! I admit that January, and the start of a new year, is not my favourite period, the weather definitely not helping my general sense of lethargy. That said, I nevertheless try to start as I mean to go on, by setting …

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Professional memberships

How important are professional memberships to a freelancer? Well, I guess it all depends on the nature of the services we offer and the potential benefits that membership of a particular organisation can bring.   As a freelance translator and enthusiastic linguist, I have a been a proud member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists …

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A specialist approach

In recent months I have been doing some mentoring via the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists and have also been a guest interviewee during a UK Civil Service Languages Network online session. Despite going into these activities with altruistic motives, I find that talking about my professional experiences with those who work in very different …

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Onward and upward in 2022

So how many of you have been making plans as to how to grow your business further over the next 12 months? I always like to start the new year with a few goals laid out, both professional and personal, as I find having a rough plan really pushes me to do more than I …

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Works in progress…

I’ve been a little quiet of late – my apologies for that – but work has kept me particularly busy and seen me neglect pretty much everything else to be honest. This is always my busiest time of year but, as the days draw in and the weather turns ever colder, I’m actually quite happy …

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Pseudo-anglicisms in Italian

It’s surprising just how many English terms are thrown into everyday conversation here in Italy. As you might expect, many of these are more business or marketing related, a wide range of specific terms in the English language having gradually made their way into the Italian vernacular. But I thought it might be fun to …

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School’s out – at least for now

Just last week, I enjoyed a very fruitful Bristol Translates Summer School organised by my alma mater, the University of Bristol. Three intense days of morning and afternoon sessions were spent closely analysing and picking apart a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, all under the expert guidance of literary translators Tim Parks and Howard …

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