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New year, renewed goals

After a well-deserved break, I’m back at my desk and it’s all systems go! I admit that January, and the start of a new year, is not my favourite period, the weather definitely not helping my general sense of lethargy. That said, I nevertheless try to start as I mean to go on, by setting myself some targets for the upcoming year.


As I look back on 2022, I am pleased to report that I was able to grow my client base by 40% and increase my overall earnings for the fifth year in a row. My work was more race-related than ever before, a trend that I see continuing in 2023 with the addition of some new teams. But outside of racing, I also collaborated on an array of exciting new projects and forayed into a few new fields in the process.


For the last five years or so, January has seen me compile a list of things I ideally want to achieve or complete over the next 365 days. Call them resolutions if you will, these global goals can be personal or professional in nature. More travel, for example, tends to make a regular appearance on the list, particularly after the rather dull Covid years. There is always something related to fitness or health, and then CPD options or perhaps a course I want to complete. Last year’s list even included the organisation of our wedding, a ‘feat’ we somehow pulled off in a little over three months!


Generally speaking, I have managed to tick off each item before the year is out. I think having this kind of to-do list can be helpful in that it not only highlights what we have achieved in the previous calendar year, but also helps us to keep our priorities for the year to come clearly in mind. I don’t tend to look at it very often (it’s in the form of a sticky note on my computer) but find that just writing it is generally enough. And when I do think to open it, I often find I have inadvertently completed one or more items on the list – it’s even more satisfying when you can tick something off without feeling that you were even trying!


My 2023 list is essentially a continuation of last year’s in that it features some of the same ongoing targets, but there are a couple of new items which should keep me motivated and on my toes. And so we go on – new year, renewed goals!

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